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Simplify Your Insurance Options

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If you own a car, auto insurance is mandatory. Although not required by law, home insurance is required by mortgage lenders. And, as we all know, health insurance will soon be mandatory, too, which does not bode well for the 11 percent of Americans age 30 and younger who think they are too healthy to need insurance. (Ah, the false sense of immortality of youth.) Regardless, there are ways to simplify your insurance options, particularly if you combine auto and home insurance or auto and renters insurance with the same insurance carrier. Here are a few easy home insurance items to consider:

When shopping for insurance for home and auto, your insurance rates will vary according to the value of your home and car, of course, as well as your history and personal data (meaning number of accidents, vehicular off

Insuring Against Disaster

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Home insurance help

No one wants to be in a position to use their insurance. Most times, that would mean that something bad has happened to interrupt the daily flow of our lives. But the awful truth is that sometimes bad things happen, and all the preparation and caution in the world cannot prevent it. Insuring your home, you car, and anything that would be too expensive to easily replace can help you to rest easy at night, knowing that if the unthinkable does happen, you and your family will be prepared.

Buying auto and home insurance together is one of the smartest investments you can make, and not just in case of an accident. Bundling policies through one agency can often save you money. And staying with one company for a long period of time while maintaining good standing can reap benefits as well. As the number of auto and home insurance providers continues to grow and competition increases, many agencies are offering customer loyalty incentives to reduce the number of clients switching providers.

And in our new online world, finding reliable, timely, and easy home insurance help is just a few mouseclicks away. You can use customer reviews, testimonials, business rankings, and a host of other organic criteria to zero in on the company that is right for you. Companies selling insurance for home and auto know that modern consumers can afford to be much more choosy about their insurance providers, and the level of transparency and quality of customer service is higher than ever.

With the cost of everything on the rise, buying auto and home insurance is the perfect way to insure yourself against unexpected and impossible costs in case of an accident. Research your options, ask plenty of questions, and you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are protected, and that you are saving money while protecting them.

Factors Affecting Your Home Insurance

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Home insurance help

Getting easy home insurance is possible. There are several guidelines that will affect your ability to find the right coverage for your home and valuables. You can examine your house to make sure you qualify for easy home insurance without complicated add ons.

First, when shopping for easy home insurance, you may want to consider combining insurance for home and auto combined. You may qualify for discounts when you have both auto and home insurance together. Besides a “volume” discount, you may qualify for other discounts or reductions based on your home, location and amentities.

When looking for home insurance help and policy shopping, examine the state of your home. Is it starting to get rundown and in need of significant maintenance. This may exclude you from certain protections you would expect from an easy home insurance policy. In these situations, you may be looking at just insurance for fires as opposed to liability and other benefits.

Pets and swimming pools are another set of considerations. With pets, if your animals are deemed dangerous or have a history of biting they can increase your premiums. On the other side, if you do not have pets you may qualify for another discount. If there is a pool at your home, you will have to make sure it is properly gated or fenced in order to get easy home insurance coverage since it represents a big potential liability to anyone venturing close.

Now for some good news. Your proximity to fire hydrants and fire stations can positively impact your insurance premiums. Insurance companies have statistical information that makes you less of a risk when you are close to emergency services, or even having a home security system that can automatically notify the authorities.

While you can qualify for easy home insurance, do not forgot to add coverage for your very valuable items. There may be some possessions that are not covered per your policy guidelines, or they may not offer a large enough replacement value. Check with your agent if there are any items that you want to confirm protection on. You may be able to add a simple rider to your easy home insurance.