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Are You Sure You’re Getting the Best Home Insurance Coverage?

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As the price of flood insurance sky rockets in Colorado, home owners in other starts are beginning to understand how a myriad of factors can cause fluctuations in the average cost of their home insurance coverage.

According to PR Web, a new database released from the Real Estate Newswire can help home owners find the best home insurance online. The site writes, “The published database is now linking property owners with companies able to supply lower rates for insurance that are able to protect personal possessions.” This is particularly helpful because many home insurance brokers will only cover the exterior of a home, and either limit or exclude the amount of coverage for possessions inside a home. The new database can help home owners to find the best insurance deals for whiche

Three Facts Every Canadian Homeowner Should Know

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According to Financial Post’s Mortgage and Real Estate, 70% of Canadian homeowners now own their home. That number has risen almost 2% since 2006, representing a steady improvement in the Canadian real estate market. The fact is, however, that no matter how great it may be to own your home, it represents an incredible investment. As CBC News points out, the average home price in Canada is $382,373. Even if you were able to work out favorable mortgage terms, it constitutes a lifelong investment. Here are three facts about home insurance Canada’s citizens should know to better defend their homes.

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    Canadian citizens looking for home insurance providers should know beforehand what it means to be covered under “all perils” ver