It Is Dangerous to Go Through Life Without Insurance

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Did you know that car insurance is a necessity in all 50 states? However, approximately 61% of Americans are considered to be under-insured by 18%. But why does this matter? Being under-insured can be unsafe and costly because accidents are often dangerous and expensive. As a result, obtaining the right types of insurance will help protect your finances in the case of an accident or other unwanted event.

1. Automobile insurance. Auto owners insurance is used to cover the risk of financial liability when a car accident occurs. However, an astounding 16% of American drivers do not have car insurance. Different auto insurance policies provide different benefits, such as vandalism coverage, accident damage repair, and animal collision coverage, so it is important to find a policy that is right for you by u

What’s the Difference Between Whole Life and Term Life Insurance?

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As MSN Money reports, choosing the wrong life insurance policies can have disastrous consequences for your personal finances. Dealing with death is never easy, and funeral and burial costs for a loved one can throw a metaphorical wrench into a family’s plans when it comes to plundering savings and spending accounts. Still, Canadians purchased almost 700,000 individual life insurance policies in 2012 alone. It’s a smart move, lining up protection for your family against the worst of all unforeseeable circumstances.

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Why Canada’s Health Care System Could Be the Best

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Health care is often the subject of great debate around the world. In many countries, there is not enough care for ailing patients, and in other countries, it is simply unaffordable. But in Canada, citizens are treated to a comprehensive, publicly-funded health care system that covers several different medical needs. This is a result of a Canada Health Act of 1984, which requires each province to adhere to certain conditions and criteria for their territorial health insurance programs in order to receive federal funds.

These provisions are what help cover surgery, doctor’s office visits, clinical needs, psychotherapy, dental surgery, and als

Are You Sure Your Home Is Adequately Covered?

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It’s wrong not to have any insurance, but it’s important to get the proper amount of coverage from home insurance brokers.

Did you know that an estimated 14% of all auto accidents in the U.S. are caused by someone without car insurance? Not only that, but Mississippi has the highest amount of uninsured drivers with a grand total percentage of 26% being uninsured! And Alabama is almost as bad, with a 25% lacking car insurance! The main reason these folks don’t get the insurance that they need is because it’s too expensive.

This is true for both auto and home insurance. According to FEMA, there’s an estimated 50% of homes in high risk areas of the United States that lack home insurance, also known as hazard insurance. The Federal Reserve Bureau states that homeowners can deduce their average home insur

Top Reasons You Should Be Investing in the Best Insurance You Should

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Though you will usually be told that buying insurance is mandatory, that might not necessarily be the case. Though auto insurance rates are usually a necessity in life, most other kinds of insurance are technically optional. Usually there are not actually any legitimate arguments against getting insurance, so spending a little bit of time researching free home owner insurance quotes is usually going to be a good idea. Whether you are looking to buy renters insurance, you are looking into cheap car insurance quotes online, or you are curious about home owners insurance quotes online that are available, here are a few important facts that you should know before you decide to get started.

When it comes to car insurance, there are c

Are You Sure You’re Getting the Best Home Insurance Coverage?

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As the price of flood insurance sky rockets in Colorado, home owners in other starts are beginning to understand how a myriad of factors can cause fluctuations in the average cost of their home insurance coverage.

According to PR Web, a new database released from the Real Estate Newswire can help home owners find the best home insurance online. The site writes, “The published database is now linking property owners with companies able to supply lower rates for insurance that are able to protect personal possessions.” This is particularly helpful because many home insurance brokers will only cover the exterior of a home, and either limit or exclude the amount of coverage for possessions inside a home. The new database can help home owners to find the best insurance deals for whiche

Three Facts Every Canadian Homeowner Should Know

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According to Financial Post’s Mortgage and Real Estate, 70% of Canadian homeowners now own their home. That number has risen almost 2% since 2006, representing a steady improvement in the Canadian real estate market. The fact is, however, that no matter how great it may be to own your home, it represents an incredible investment. As CBC News points out, the average home price in Canada is $382,373. Even if you were able to work out favorable mortgage terms, it constitutes a lifelong investment. Here are three facts about home insurance Canada’s citizens should know to better defend their homes.

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    Canadian citizens looking for home insurance providers should know beforehand what it means to be covered under “all perils” ver

Everything You Need to Know About Auto and Homeowner’s Insurance

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Although the mythical American Dream varies depending upon to whom you speak, for the majority of Americans, a significant part of their American Dream includes owning their own homes. Of course, through the fogged up, rose colored lens of fancy, there is simply no room within their romantic, if myopic, visions for the multitude of accidents and disasters that are certain to befall many homeowners at one time or another.

Such is the plight of first time home buyers. They finally have their own yards, homes they can decorate anyway they please, private parking, and the possibility that their roof will blow off during a severe wind storm! Once the novelty and delight of homeownership begins to wear off, and reality sets in, many homeowners find themselves in the midst of an American Nightmare. Often time

Simplify Your Insurance Options

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If you own a car, auto insurance is mandatory. Although not required by law, home insurance is required by mortgage lenders. And, as we all know, health insurance will soon be mandatory, too, which does not bode well for the 11 percent of Americans age 30 and younger who think they are too healthy to need insurance. (Ah, the false sense of immortality of youth.) Regardless, there are ways to simplify your insurance options, particularly if you combine auto and home insurance or auto and renters insurance with the same insurance carrier. Here are a few easy home insurance items to consider:

When shopping for insurance for home and auto, your insurance rates will vary according to the value of your home and car, of course, as well as your history and personal data (meaning number of accidents, vehicular off